Bocuse d’Or Canada builds national training centre at ITHQ ahead of semi-finals in Peru


Toronto, February 10, 2020 — For the first time in Bocuse d’Or Canada history, Economic Development of Canada has awarded funds in support of Canada’s international culinary team. With this contribution, the Bocuse d’Or National Training Center will be built at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) in Montreal, providing a training space for present contender, Samuel Sirois, as well as the next national culinary athletes to perfect their craft.
The new Bocuse d’Or National Training Centre is an exact reproduction of the 3 x 6 metre kitchen where 24 teams from around the world compete at the grand finale in Lyon (France). Just like any other sport, training in the same environment as the competition is imperative to success and the Bocuse National Training Center will give Team Canada the tool it needs for podium-worthy performances and to better represent Canadian gastronomy and skills on the world stage.
“Bocuse d’Or Canada is grateful for this generous contribution from the Government of Canada, and for ITHQ’s commitment in supporting the team. By building the Bocuse National Training Center together, we are demonstrating our mutual dedication towards the advancement of the culinary arts and the importance of tailoring a space for Canadian gastronomy amongst the world’s finest dining experience,” says Bocuse d’Or Canada President Thomas Delannoy.
“The Bocuse network reaches far and wide and counts the best chefs of the global culinary field,” explains Liza Frulla, General Director of the ITHQ. “Winning a Bocuse d’Or honours a country as well as an entire industry. This Canadian training center will not only help Team Canada to best represent our country but also draws on our mutual commitment to better equip future generations of Canadian chefs. It is by sharing knowledge and giving them hands-on, first-class experiences to learn from the best of the best that we will contribute to positively position Canada’s food and hospitality industry, elevate our terroir while nurturing Canadian food tourism.”